As Keith Urban gears up for the second leg of his 2013 Light the Fuse Tour -- and 'American Idol' begins to wind down -- lots of people are wondering if the New Zealand-born singer will call it quits after this season, or if he'll return for another round of finding America's next idol.

Interestingly, Urban's upcoming tour schedule shows several large chunks of open time, and USA Today asked the 'Idol' judge if he's keeping time available for the show. "We haven't confirmed anything, but we needed to leave some holes there, in case another season happens," he says. "If we do another season, those would be where the audition cities would go. But nothing's confirmed at all."

It sounds like Urban is certainly open to the idea of judging another season of 'American Idol,' even if it was difficult for him to crush the dreams of hopeful singers. The 'For You' singer will definitely stay busy up to that point with his tour and a new record, which he'll play off of throughout his tour.

Urban explains the lag between his upcoming album and 'Get Closer,' saying, "It's taking a long time, mostly because I'm working with people I've never worked with before. Most of the length of time on this record has been, simply, people's schedules, and not just my own. When you work with one producer, you can block out your time and your album's finished. Working with various people, I've been at the mercy of [lining up] everybody else's schedules and mine."

While country music fans will certainly hope to see his new album in the upcoming future, 'Idol' fans are most likely rallying for him to return for another season. Whatever the singer ends up doing, we know his greatest priority lies with his beautiful wife, Nicole Kidman, as they'll renew their vows later this summer.