Nashville didn't quite dominate the 2013 Grammy Awards like fans hoped, but there were still plenty of country highlights during the three-and-a-half-hour CBS telecast. Carrie Underwood was the big winner, but other stars left a memorable impression for their performances and style.Five Things to Take Away From the 2013 Grammys:

1. This was Carrie Underwood's night. Taste of Country readers were correct in predicting Underwood would have a big night at the 2013 Grammy Awards (We predicted Hunter Hayes, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton would win … hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time). In addition to her two wins for 'Blown Away,' Underwood was one of the classiest women to walk the red carpet, and her performance gown was something of a modern day marvel. Plus, producers used her song as a bumper to get into or out of just about every commercial break.

2. The other big winner was Tate Stevens. With country America leaning in to watch Lambert, Dierks Bentley and Underwood perform, 'X Factor' winner Tate Stevens kept reappearing in a Pepsi commercial that featured his debut single. Fans had to search to hear 'Holler if You're With Me' in its entirety, but it sounded like a legit smash in the 30 second soda spot.

3. Where the heck was Blake? Shelton didn't walk the red carpet or do interviews with E! prior to the show -- a strange decision for a Grammy nominee with new music and a popular television show to promote. At the very least, it was odd not to see him escorting his wife through the media circus.

4. Country music needs Kelly Clarkson. There is no shortage of female vocalists on country radio, but Kelly Clarkson is a step above the most talented. Her tribute to Patti Page and Carole King was magical. She hit all the notes while projecting sincere emotion into her songs before being adorably flustered accepting her Grammy award. This singer never seems to have an off night, something even the talented Underwood is prone to once every leap year.

5. Doesn't Gotye look a little bit like Dierks Bentley circa 2006? Once upon a time, our 2013 pick for Best Dressed Country Male wore his hair shaggy and chose clothes that seemed big enough to fit him and his dog Jake. We'll take Bentley's 'What Was I Thinking' in a battle of debut singles, however.

Kevork Djansezian / Kevn Winter, Getty Images