Real talk: The 2022 ACM Awards are going to be much different from any awards show you have ever watched, and different is scary. But different can also be good — very, very good!

Finding the ACM Awards will take some effort and a decent internet connection. It's not on broadcast television (find it on Amazon Prime, instead), and that brings some pros and cons. One big pro? There will be no commercial breaks.

If you've grown tired of a stodgy, predictable awards show format, Monday night's show (March 7) may be your jam.

Below, we've outlined six ways the ACMs will be different in 2022, beginning with the most obvious and continuing through items that promise to have a longterm effect on not only this show, but all awards shows.

While the ACMs are first to be available exclusively on a streaming platform, they won't be the last. A dip in audience this first year could be recouped five years from now, when this is the norm.

The 2022 ACM Awards begin at 8PM ET. Be sure to check out the list of nominees and performers before watching. And remember: The best way to watch the 2022 ACMs is on TV, with ToC on your phone!

7 Ways the 2022 ACM Awards Will Be Different

The 2022 ACM Awards will be very different, and not just because the show won't air on traditional television. This is truly the beginning to something new, and the measuring stick for success won't be its viewing audience. That's good news for fans of the show.

The bad news? Well, you probably already know.

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