Abi says in creating a music video for "A Day Without," she wanted to stay true to the song's broad narrative. She thinks of her late father when she hears the song. You may think of someone very much a part of your life today.

"The song itself I don’t think is necessarily about a traditional couple," Abi says. "I think it is love that you share between a parent, a sibling or whatever you really feel."

The music video for "A Day Without" follows two stories. A husband and wife are forced to say goodbye as he deploys for military service. A mother and daughter are also transitioning as the daughter finishes her final year of high school and leaves for college. During the video's final minute one learns that this pair's story is similar to the Texas native's, something Abi also recognizes and encouraged in working with the video's director.

Taste of Country is premiering this behind the scenes look at Abi's "A Day Without" music video on her 21st birthday. Her father died when she was very young, but in her biography, she shares how the loss still affects her today. "A Day Without" was written by Lucie Silvas, Jimmy Robbins and the late Andrew Dorff.

Watch Abi's Video for "A Day Without": 

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