Country newcomer Abi really leans into her pop sensibilities during her new song "Boomerang." It's a love song that finds a girl unable to quit a guy.

Although it's not clear she wants to. Abi describes a man whose love gives her wings during this new, mid-tempo track. "Baby I'm a boomerang / No matter where I go, what I do / Baby I'm a boomerang / I'm always on my way to you," she sings in the chorus. The story is a satisfying answer to the many heartbreakers that find a guy or girl unable to give up on a love that's bad for them. Here, we're cheering for her.

"You're my direction, momentum / When I'm out here chasing dreams / I get tired of trying but you keep me rising / Your love gives me wings," she adds to start the second verse before showing appreciation that her lover isn't trying to change her.

There's not much on country radio comparable to the slick production elements chosen for "Boomerang," but that's not to say the song would sound out of place on a Top 40 station. It's more electronic than many pop-friendly songs, with only hints of organic instrumentation. Mostly this song is a vocal showcase for Abi, however, and she owns that.

Did You Know?: Abi grew up in Texas, but lived in Los Angeles before moving to Nashville.

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