Country duo Acklen Park's latest release 'Great American Song' is about as feel good of a country song as you can find. Anything more inspiring would be suited for a Hallmark Channel movie soundtrack.Marcum Stewart and Andrea Villarreal make up this Nashville duo, named after the Music City's Acklen Park Dr. His voice is strong and dependable, hers are the petals that make their flower interesting. Bright production make the single one to turn up -- way up -- whenever you hear it.

"This is your life / This is my life / Work hard, play hard, one heart 50 stars / It's about us," they sing together during the chorus. "So raise your hands up / Big city, small town, we're all country proud / Sing along, to the Great American song."

Stewart takes the first verse, and Villarreal introduces herself second. While the two voices complement each other nicely, their harmonies aren't used to their full capacity. At times it sounds like two people singing about the same thing instead of one group singing together.

"When you were a little kid / Did you ever dream big / Try on your daddy's boots / And somewhere down the road / Find dreams of your own / Catching up to you," Villarreal sings to begin the second verse. The lyrics are a little hokey, but not too much that all but the coolest cats will be able to enjoy their spirit.

Listen to Acklen Park's 'Great American Song'