Emerging country duo After Midtown are soaking up the summertime season on their proud and rowdy country anthem, “Down Like That,” and Taste of Country has the exclusive premiere of its spirited music video.

The uptempo track, dropping Friday (Sept. 9), is a jaunty, good-time number that celebrates reveling in the country lifestyle.

“I’m talkin’ like a tailgate / When you’re by a riverbank / Like the way a bobber sinks / With one on the line / Talkin’ like a longneck bottle / When the beer hits the bottom / Like the sun starts fallin’ at 5,” the pair’s Adam Ernst and Michael Rotundo sing in the euphoric, high-energy chorus.

“Little bit of that good time / What we’ve been missin’ / Feels like a good time / For us to get it back / So pull up toting / Something you can twist open / Cause you know it’s going down Like That,” they continue over thumping drumbeats and electrifying bass lines.

Sonically, it boasts vibrant modern country elements that harken back to the early sounds of Florida Georgia Line, which may come as no surprise since FGL's very own Tyler Hubbard co-wrote the hit-ready track with Ernst and Rotundo.

“Writing with Tyler was a dream!” Rotundo shares cheerily. “We wrote this song during quarantine at our manager’s condo in L.A. Adam had a guitar riff idea that we saved because we knew Tyler would love it, and it sounded like a party! We’ve always been huge fans of Florida Georgia Line, so it was really a surreal moment for us. He’s been around so many hit songs for so long, and his talent reflects that.”

With the song’s vividly-painted and country tropes-heavy lyrics, it was easy for After Midtown to turn it into a music video. When the thought of filming a music video hit them, they were already out at an off-road park in Northern Michigan, which made for the perfect location shoot. So the next day, this spur-of-the-moment decision was brought to life with the help of their videographer who, like them, beamed with excitement about the idea.

“The park was perfect, filled with a bunch of beer-drinking country fans looking for a good time, just like us. The owners were gracious enough to accommodate us making the video, and encouraged people to join in on the fun,” the pair share.

"What we ended up with was exactly what we had envisioned: a video filmed in the sticks, doing some country a-- s--t, and slinging some dirt. We played the show that night still covered in mud, and it was a blast!"

With the “Down Like That” arriving at the tail end of summertime, After Midtown hope that the anthemic track invites fans to relish every bit of the summer energy before it’s over.

“Our hope is that fans love this feel-good song and that it inspires them to live up the last bit of summer like they’re running out of time. We pray that this is one of those songs that makes you want to grab some friends, roll the windows down, and find some trouble to get into.”

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