Fighting to become the first female ‘American Idol’ winner in five seasons, the Top 12 ‘Idol’ girls took the intimidating stage tonight to test their singing chops and try to win America’s heart (and their votes). First up was 23-year-old Stokesdale, North Carolina native Chelsea Sorrell, who took on a song that required some very big and very controlled pipes: 'Idol' alum Carrie Underwood's sassy 'Cowboy Casanova.'

After showing a montage of Sorrell driving around her hometown and talking about the amenities the small southern town does (and does not) offer  -- "There's the second stoplight" -- Sorrell steps up to the plate for her moment of truth. Sporting a sequined black dress, leather pants and a red jacket, the adorable country gal brought the power required for the anthem and definitely got the audience involved -- though the range and control in her voice were slightly compromised by her nerves.

“You definitely can sing," Randy Jackson offered when the performance ended. "You’ve got a huge big voice, and you showed it with that big note at the end.” Still, he questioned Sorrell's song choice, pointing out that they've already seen the Carrie Underwood thing done in the past, and this round was really about setting herself apart from everyone else. Jackson concluded, “Definitely strong vocals and a good way to start it off.”

Jennifer Lopez was encouraging to the talent while also agreeing with Jackson's observations. “I’m a huge fan of you Chelsea," she said, adding that she felt this particular performance was a bit nasally, which didn't let everyone hear the best parts of her voice. However, understanding as always, Lopez threw in: “It sucks to go first," to which the young talent agreed.

Steven Tyler reminded Sorrell to watch her phrasing and timing, pointing out that he could hear her heart beating from where he was sitting. With a bit of an encouraging tone, he left the young hopeful with a bit of helpful advice, saying, "And when it's time to belt it out, belt it out good."

Watch Chelsea Sorrell Perform 'Cowboy Casanova' on 'American Idol'