As if there was ever any doubt, Scott McCreery is moving on to another round of competition on 'American Idol,' as the country crooner passed America's test yet again.

McCreery sang a twangy version of Stevie Wonder's 'For Once In My Life' last night for the show's 'Motown Week,' and he done good! The judges praised the teenager for the way he took an R&B classic and infused it with the Scotty style. He took a risk and was rewarded for doing so with both the judge's praise and America's votes.

McCreery, who has drawn an itty bit of criticism for his "consistency" and a propensity for sticking with what he knows, proved that he deserves to be here. After all, if it ain't broke, then why try and force a fix? If you are the betting type, start wagering your cash on McCreery. He moves on to Week 10 and ensured himself a spot on this summer's annual 'American Idol' tour.

In fact, it turns out nobody got sent home this week, with the judges deciding to use their only "save" of the season to rescue the lowest vote getter, Casey Abrams. So congrats, Scotty McCreery. We will see you again next week. In fact, we've got a feeling we'll be seeing you the week after that, too!