American Idol welcomed contestant Jeneve Mitchell Wednesday night (Jan. 6), who just so happens to be a cowgirl in addition to a musician. Mitchell lives "off the grid," she told judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr., in the Elk Wilderness in Colorado. She has no electricity — her family powers up the generator twice a week in order to watch American Idol.

It's apparent from the 15-year-old's appearance she's not your everyday American Idol singer. Rocking cowboy boots, jeans, a white button down and a cowboy hat while lugging her cello, Mitchell tells the judges she'll be playing a cover of the Band Perry's "Chainsaw." She managed to make the song her own with a unique take on the music and vocals.

"You've got good originality," Urban says after her performance. "Your rhythmic sensibility, the way you sing and play at the same time is really compelling. I really liked it a lot."

Connick Jr. couldn't agree more, adding that her style was "some crazy, stupid funk ... That's very, very impressive. You're a work-in-progress but boy, there's a lot to work with."

Lopez concurred and all three judges gave Mitchell the yes she needed to advance to Hollywood. Wednesday was the last premiere of American Idol, as the reality singing competition is in its final season.

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