With just two albums worth of songs, the Band Perry are bonafide hitmakers. Virtually every single Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry have released since their 2010 debut has shot up the charts. The 'Pioneer' album has four hit songs -- the momentum just seems to keep growing and growing for this talented family band.

The power of The Band Perry comes in their ability to weave harder themes into songs that can be enjoyed over and over again --- after all, how many bands can make you want to listen to a song about premature death ('If I Die Young') on repeat?

What's more, the Perry siblings are unique in that almost every song finds a different way to blend their three voices. The vocal contributions that Reid and Neil bring to the table often stand beside, not simply behind, Kimberly's powerhouse performance. With well over ten hits to choose from after only two records, the Perry kids seem poised to stick around for the long haul -- and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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    From 'Pioneer'

    For anyone who has ever felt unsure about the future, and overwhelmed by what life can throw at you (so, pretty much all of us), 'Pioneer' is a powerful anthem. It's a sweet song that surprises with the strength of its lyrics, and Kimberly's vocals find the perfect balance of tender and tough to encourage anyone who is about to step into the unknown. You are a pioneer and no matter where you're going, the Band Perry is with you.

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    From 'Pioneer'

    'Chainsaw' may be about an unstable ex-girlfriend but it sure is fun. With lyrics like "Love is shady / Love is tragic / It’s hard to bury the hatchet / Holdin’ a chainsaw," Kimberly definitively warns potential exes of what can happen when love ends on terms other than her own. And while we never condone the destruction of innocent trees, the idea of completely butchering something that publicly displays a love that is definitely over, is not an unwelcome one. This crowd-pleasing breakup anthem is certainly one of the Band Perry's best.

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    'All Your Life'

    From 'The Band Perry'

    What's great about 'All Your Life' is that it starts out as a sweet love song and turns into an even sweeter tune about unrequited love. Kimberly just wants to be the "only girl you love all your life," but the catch is that the boy hasn't quite noticed her yet. Well, with that perfect melody, we're sure he will soon. Even better, 'All Your Life' is a perfect example of what makes the Perry siblings unique -- perhaps more than any other country group, Reid and Neil aren't just there as background singers, but to provide a blending that adds layer and depth to the track.

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    'You Lie'

    From 'The Band Perry'

    More than any other country song, 'You Lie' may just include the most exhaustive list of metaphors you can use to call someone a liar. Not only does the dead-beat boyfriend that is the song's main subject lie like a "Persian rug on a rich man's floor," he lies like a dog in the sunshine and like a penny in the parking lot. And while the Perry kids are far too good at beautiful melodies and harmonies to make this song actually sound abrasive, Kimberly sings her indictment with a confidence and attitude that lets us know that this guy isn't getting a free pass anytime soon.

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    From 'Pioneer'

    To say that the Perry kids "bring it" in 'Done' is an understatement. Talk about attitude, Kimberly steps it up about a dozen notches with her performance, and the brothers Perry rock it out with guitar solos that are completely over-the-top and perfect. This song is a foot-stomping party staple that will get everyone dancing with gusto. If you're past the hurt of your recent breakup and ready to blaze forward, blast this track more than once -- preferably at the loudest volume possible.

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    'Postcard From Paris'

    From 'The Band Perry'

    A fresh take on the classic love song, 'Postcard from Paris' is quintessential Band Perry. They straddle the country and pop line effortlessly and with Kimberly's effervescent vocals, the band's gypsy sound shines through to create a layered track that is just great fun. While 'Postcard from Paris' wasn't the highest chart-topper on the Band Perry's debut, it is arguably one of their best and we couldn't help but put it in the top five on our list of Band Perry songs.

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    'Don't Let Me Be Lonely'

    From 'Pioneer'

    'Don't Let Me Be Lonely' explores similar themes to 'If I Die Young,' but with a very different sound. Kimberly portrays the loss of love with heartbreaking emotion, proving once again, that this girl can do vulnerability better than almost anybody. But more than a simple love song, the track finds its strength in its description of the passage of time and the end of youthful innocence. With lyrics like "the night rolls on like a long lost friend, ‘til the sunrise bleeds like the bitter end," 'Don't Let Me Be Lonely' is a powerful reminder that growing up is hard to do.

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    'Hip to My Heart'

    From 'The Band Perry'

    'Hip to My Heart' may not be the highest charting song off of the Band Perry's first album, but it's certainly a fan favorite. True to the things we love most about the Perry kids, 'Hip to My Heart' is fun, vocally beautiful and full of energy. It's an irresistible single that effortlessly crosses over from country to pop radio, and back again. And shows, once again, why even the most tentative of country music fans can get behind the Band Perry.

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    'Better Dig Two'

    From 'Pioneer'

    'Better Dig Two' is a song that shows off one of the Band Perry's biggest strengths -- country songs that rock your face off. Sure, it's a bit melodramatic -- the song's subject would rather die than be without her love -- but it's that drama that makes us love the siblings Perry like we do. Kimberly's vocals are soaring and enigmatic, and Neil and Reid give performances that only serve to add to the danger that makes this track so much fun. Listen to this track with the windows rolled down on full volume and you'll see why it got the number two spot on our Top 10 list.

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    'If I Die Young'

    From 'The Band Perry'

    If there's two things the Band Perry does best, it's powerhouse rock and emotional vulnerability. And if 'Better Dig Two' is a perfect example of the former, 'If I Die Young' encapsulates the latter better than any other song in the band's repertoire. On the surface, it's a song about the tragic end of a life too soon, but if you listen closer, you'll see a complex and beautiful call-to-action to live life to its very fullest -- no matter how long or short that life may be. At the end of the day, 'If I Die Young' perfectly captures why we love the Band Perry -- it's a good song made even better by the lyrical, musical and emotional skills of three, very talented performers.