Joey Cook’s departure from American Idol last week was overshadowed by the drama between judge Harry Connick Jr. and Queintin Alexander. Mentor Scott Borchetta said after that he supported Alexander. On Wednesday, he explained why.

“I’m not a politically correct person,” Borchetta tells Taste of Country. “I have a point of view and I’m attracted to people who have a point of view. The world isn’t all happy, shiny people and great art doesn’t come from vanilla. Great art comes from people with a point of view and are very passionate.”

Alexander proved to be more than passionate, and it spilled over when he said "This whole thing is whack" as his friend Joey Cook was put in the bottom two. He and Connick appeared to make up soon after, but one naturally has to wonder if the tension will spill over to tonight’s episode. Borchetta says he’s not quick to discourage open thought on social media with his artists at the Big Machine Label Group, but there’s a fine line.

“You have to be responsible to yourself … but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a point of view about something. In this media moment, it is a fine line. But if you stand for something that means there are going to be people who support you and people who don’t support you.”

Tonight, the theme is arena rock anthems. Nick Fradiani will perform “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart, Jax will sing “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet and Clark Beckham will perform “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, which Borchetta says will surprise viewers.

“(He) Just reimagined the whole song," he says. "It’s amazing.”

It’s a big night for all remaining contestants, because only the Top 5 will go on tour this summer. The Twitter save could save Rayvon Owen again, or another contestant. There is no guest mentor for Wednesday night’s episode (FOX, 8PM ET).

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