During this year's Country Jam festival, Annie Bosko revealed that she has spent some time in prison. But before you jump to any conclusions, it's in a much more heartwarming way than you think.

Taking a cue from one of her inspirations, Johnny Cash, Bosko has spent time performing for both male and female inmates around the country.

"I thought this could be a really cool experience, and I thought this is something I need to try," the young singer shared. "I did it and had the most unbelievable experience and I had people with tears streaming down their face. Women who were clapping and dancing and just filled with so much joy, because it's such a dark place in their life."

Bosko first became involved with prison performances when a friend became active with prison ministries. Despite how tough it may be to perform under those circumstances, Bosko mustered up the courage to share her talent to spread light on those who need it most.

"It really ends up being rewarding and you walk away going, 'That was one of the greatest things I ever did on a Friday night,'" she continued. "The truth is if I had grown up the way that they had grown up, I'd probably be in the same place."

A specific song in her set, "Fighter," specifically resonates with inmates, Bosko noted. The power anthem preaches to keep fighting, no matter what darkness comes your way.

"So bring on the fire try to burn me out / Bring on the wind try to knock me down / Bring on the rain and all of the pain, 'cause I got faith that will never drown," she sings in the chorus. "Just when you think I can't take no more / I come back stronger than I was before / 'Cause when I'm down in the dust I know I'm gonna rise up even higher, a fighter."

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