With a new album comes a fresh Florida Georgia Line, but according to the 'Dirt' duo, it's not so much a "new" them as it is a return to what they've always known. In an exclusive interview with Taste of Country, the guys expand on this and much more.

Joey Moi, who produced 'Anything Goes,' is most well-known for working with rock band Nickelback -- a group that can claim as many haters as number of albums sold, which Florida Georgia Line think is important to note.

“I know a lot of people who like to hate or love to hate Nickelback, but they’ve put out some amazing songs, sold a ton of records,” Brian Kelley explains. Both he and Tyler Hubbard are confident in what Moi has helped them do.

“Obviously there’s going to be a few similarities, since it’s the same person making both albums, so it’s just natural. I think Joey does a great, great job of kinda keeping it separate,” Hubbard says, adding that he thinks “Joey is crushing it in the country world.”

But don't assume the FGL guys have totally shifted gears. In fact, songs like 'Dirt' -- which is finding the country duo new fans -- are just a return for them. That song is one they fell in love with and jumped at the chance to record, but timing was everything.

"It just felt like the right time for the song, and it’s about time a song came around like that," Kelley says. "That’s a Garth type song that feels like it’s going to be around for a long time.”

"For us, it was just one of those songs that we couldn’t wait to get out and it really just felt like we connected with it so much," Hubbard adds. "We look forward to playing it every single night and to see everybody else connect the way we do.”

Watch the full interview above, in which Florida Georgia Line open up more about 'Dirt,' their new album and even onstage injuries!

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