Florida Georgia Line say 'Anything Goes' -- their new album, out Tuesday (Oct. 14) -- is an "evolution" and "continuation" of their debut album. The duo sat down in the studio to chat with Taste of Country about their sophomore release.

When asked to describe their new record in one word, Tyler Hubbard had a difficult time picking just one. Sure, 'Dirt' may be different than what fans are used to hearing from the duo, but he says it's just the natural order of things.

“Evolution, maybe,” the singer explains. “It’s just an evolution from our first album … maybe continuation is a better word. I think for us, it’s still got the same FGL sound, still writing and playing the same music that we love. We tried to better ourselves and hone our craft, if you will, and try to become better performers, better songwriters and better singers in the studio.”

Now that Brian Kelley is married and Hubbard is engaged, there are new opinions to weigh in when it comes to their sound. Both guys admit that they enjoy input from the ladies in their lives, but that ultimately, it comes down to what they feel as a duo.

“They’re probably heard this album about a million times and they probably know it better than we do … they’re probably sick of it by now,” Kelley says jokingly. “We love their support and what they have to say, that’s why we’re with them. It means a lot to us."

However, he adds, "At the end of the day, we gotta trust ourselves.”

FGL trusted themselves with their new 12-song album, which already has a No. 1 single in 'Dirt,' so they must be doing something right. Hubbard and Kelley say they each have a favorite song on the record -- one they can't wait for fans to hear -- but they're not the same songs.

‘Every Night’ is the one Hubbard can’t wait for people to hear, because as he explains, “I think that song is gonna be a game-changer and be super fun to play live. It’s just a rocker that I think everybody’s gonna like to listen to."

Kelley is a huge fan of 'Bumpin' the Night' which was released when fans pre-ordered 'Anything Goes.' "That’s a little different for us, it’s a little different tempo and it feels like right when you get off work Friday at five and you’re like just getting in your car, it’s like that song you wanna hear,” he says, turning up his imaginary radio.

Watch the full interview above for these highlights -- and more -- from Florida Georgia Line.

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