Ashley Campbell's debut single, "Remembering," is a heartbreaking look at a daughter dealing with her father's Alzheimer's disease. Ashley is Glen Campbell's daughter, and she wrote the song as she watched her father go through memory loss.

The music video for "Remembering" shows Ashley watching home videos of her family while reminiscing about her carefree childhood, when her father would make her feel safe in the midst of a thunderstorm or teach her how to play guitar. Family photos and home video footage are interspersed throughout the nearly four-minute clip, giving a glimpse into life in the Campbell household.

"Bone for bone we are the same / Bones get tired and they can’t carry all the weight / We can talk until you can’t even remember my name / Daddy don’t you worry, I’ll do the remembering,” she sings in the chorus.

In an interview with The Boot, Campbell reveals that it is often hard for her to sing the song live.

"There are some times it still gets me — like when I hear someone in the crowd start to sniffle or wipe their eyes, I get a little emotional, and I have to keep it together."

Ashley began writing the song in Malibu, Calif. after her father's final tour ended, while she was living with her parents and taking care of her dad.

"I was sitting by the fireplace in our living room, and I think my mom and dad were in the kitchen, cooking dinner or something," she says. "I started coming up with the run, the intro of the song, and immediately, that first line came to me: 'Four years old, running up the stairs to your bed.' I was just thinking about my dad, and so I knew that was going to be a song about my dad."

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