Ashley McBryde continues to share snapshots of life in the rural south with "Radioland," her uptempo second single from Girl Goin' Nowhere.

The three-minute-long country-rocker practically dares radio not to play it. "Radioland" is a love letter to country radio — the Arkansas-raised McBryde is celebrating memories carved around the FM dial and reminding anyone listening that the ultimate goal for a singer like herself is to hear her own songs blasting through those same truck speakers.

The latter hasn't happened much for McBryde yet. Her debut single "A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" peaked at No. 30 despite tremendous fan and critical acclaim. "Radioland" is the polar opposite: quickly accessible, hooky and (perhaps most importantly) easy to pronounce without consultation. It's a song you don't have to think about from an artist that's more demanding on stage and on her record.

Did You Know?Eric Church described Ashley McBryde as a whiskey-drinking bad--s, but the country newcomer concedes Chief can down it better than she can.

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Ashley McBryde, "Radioland" Lyrics:

We had one country station / You could drive and listen / On the way to Water Town / Mama kept oldies playing in the kitchen / Turned up just a little too loud / Daddy was a rockstar / Riding on a tractor / Listening to Townes Van Zandt / I was 5 years old with a hairbrush microphone / Growing up in Radioland.

Whoa, Radioland / Just the other side of a dashboard light / There ain't a dream you can't dial in / Radioland, Radioland, Radioland / Yeah.

Catch a Friday night game / Or a Sunday sermon / In the cab of a Chevrolet / Casey Kasem in an old Panasonic / Counting down by Saturday / Mixed day of Valentine / Love cuts like a knife / I wanna hold your hand / Well I got my first kiss / I got to first base / All thanks to Radioland.

Buy a guitar / Learn a couple songs / Find some buddies and start a band / Get on a bus / Try your luck out here in Radioland.

Radioland, Radioland / Radioland, Radio- Johnny and June / Radioland, Radioland / Radioland, Radio- Jack and Diane / Radioland, Radioland / Radio, radio.

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