In perhaps one of the more surprising auditions so far in season 12 of 'American Idol,' a young African-American singer named Ashley Smith stunned the panel of judges by singing a note-perfect version of Carrie Underwood's hit 'Cowboy Casanova.'

Smith is a colorful character, with her unusual manner of dress, dyed blonde hair and extremely gregarious personality. The young singer displayed the kind of self-possessed confidence that usually heralds impending musical disaster in auditions, but then surprised both the judges and the viewers at home by belting out Underwood's song in a strong voice that had the judges smiling and even openly laughing with delight.

"I like that you sang country," Nicki Minaj said, while Mariah Carey added, "I enjoyed you -- I really did!" Randy Jackson lauded her voice, and Keith Urban stated, "I couldn't look away."

Smith made it through to the Hollywood round with four unanimous yes votes from all of the judges.

Watch Ashley Smith Sing 'Cowboy Casanova' on 'American Idol'