Austin Jenckes' Nashville story is typical and it isn't. He moved to town to be a songwriter, but a girl convinced him he needed to become an artist instead. Mix in one or two publishing deals and a reality show and you've surely heard this story before, right? Or you haven't.

The 29-year-old Jenckes still gets recognized from his time on Team Blake during the fall 2013 season of The Voice on NBC. His Top 10 finish during Season 5 brought strange notoriety, and with it came random fan encounters in Ireland and invitations to play far-away gigs like Fourth of July celebrations in small-town Minnesota, a state he'd yet to visit. Since the show, Jenckes has stayed very busy.

“The best answer to what I’ve been doing since The Voice is just writing, a lot," he tells Taste of Country, describing hundreds and hundreds of songs. The catalog from his first publishing deal was bought out, and he's working on inking another deal now. Not long ago, however, his goals changed. The Washington native and his wife welcomed a little girl in August 2016.

“As soon as she was born I realized that being on stage is what I love to do, and performing for people is what I love to do," he says.

That's the opposite of what's intuitive, but something his mom had told him years ago finally started to make sense. Essentially, she shared that the best way to teach your kids to dream is to follow your own. Fast forward 13 months and Jenckes is working on a new album that includes "Same Beer Different Day." Watch an acoustic performance video of the song during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

“Since we’ve had the baby there’s been a lot more depth to my writing,” he adds. “I’m a sucker for a good ballad. It’s like my favorite thing … but it’s a little more real to me to write something that’s real life.”

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Any touring musician will tell you that it takes a supportive wife to succeed on the road, and Jenckes has one. He visited with ToC on his wedding anniversary, but only because Brittany practically pushed him out the door to do it. "She kind of puts the ball in my court," he says, laughing. "I have to believe in me too. There's no messing around."

"Same Beer Different Day" is an example of a song written with more intention. He remembers bringing a great guitar riff to a co-write and from there the lyrics came easily with one exception. It was originally called "Same S--t Different Day," but recognizing the commercial limitations a title like that would have, he and his writing team (including JP Williams and Josh London) made a few tweaks. The message remains, however. "Same Beer Different Day" captures the good and bad of small town living. On one hand you grow up without access to everything that can make you successful, but on the other hand you know you'll always have a good time.

If you're curious, Jenckes' "Same Beer" is usually a Busch Light.

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