Fifteen-year-old Austin Michael Robinson auditioned for American Idol on the March 10 episode. The country singer and his family drove more than 30 hours to the audition from Texas, and they certainly made it worth their while.

Immediately upon Robinson's appearance, judge Katy Perry said that he looked like a country Justin Bieber; to which Luke Bryan added, "If Justin Bieber and Alan Jackson had a baby.".

Robinson stuck to that country vibe Bryan identified, performing "Your Man" by Josh Turner for his audition. While the judges enjoyed his performance (which included dance moves, guitar playing, and all the frills), one thing all three were concerned about is the fact that his voice hasn't reached a mature level yet.

When it came time to vote and to see if he would make it through to the next round in Hollywood, Bryan joked, "I don't know if they'll renew us," and said yes to him going through. Perry said no since he wasn't ready for it just yet, and to move him forward would be unfair to him.

In the end, Lionel Richie tipped the scales, saying, "I love the idea. Maybe this is one of those times to take the slow cook off and burn it. A little heartthrob never hurt nobody."

The cowboy returned with a lasso at hand and, in excitement, proceeded to start whipping the rope around. Bryan brought a chair for him to stand on to make it easier for him, but realized there was a better option: He grabbed the teenager and threw him on his shoulders while he lassoed Perry. Hilariously, he hit his "horse" (Bryan) in the eye with the rope, but luckily Bryan was fine in the end.

Keep checking in weekly, as we'll be chronicling these hopefuls' journeys to the top, with a focus on country music offerings!

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