Singer Austin Webb is letting fans get to know him a little more intimately through his 'Follow' mini-series. During the first episode the singer shares a story about what brought him to Nashville. Then he goofs off a little.

"I was driving in the middle of the night from my small town in South Carolina and I drove to Hendersonville, Tenn., where Johnny Cash is buried," Webb begins. "I went to his grave about 4 o'clock in the morning. I sat there smoking cigarette after cigarette playing guitar for about an hour and I felt something that changed -- that put me in the right direction."

That was the start of it all for Webb, whose latest singles include 'Raise 'Em Up' and 'Slip On By.' In this week's episode -- premiered on ToC and later broadcast on AXS TV -- Webb discusses what he thinks makes a good song, and why he sings country music.

“The best songs that are written are the ones you can see and then on top of that the ones you can feel,” he says adding, “I sing country songs but I think there’s a lot of soul in it. There’s a lot of passion that I believe comes across.”

Webb's 'Follow' mini-series takes fans behind the scenes with the singer, giving him a chance to show his serious and silly side. This week he shows the many impressions he can do (including one spot on impression of Luke Bryan). Check out the episode above and get to know Austin Webb.

Look for Webb's 'Follow' series on AXS-TV every Sunday at 11:30AM ET.

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