Bailey Bryan has announced that her new EP So Far will drop April 14, 2017. The singer-songwriter will release five tracks as part of the collection, each one representing a personal journey or experience from her life. Bryan says one in particular came from a struggle that took some time to work through.

“This idea, which obviously I believe so strongly in, that the hardships in life, the things that are the hardest to come through are what kind of form the most beautiful things about us,” Bryan explains. “If you listen to ’Scars,’ it was inspired by coming to terms with this giant scar that I have on my back and the fact that I love it now, it’s a part of me and it came from a really hard thing.”

The scar — which remains from a back surgery due to her scoliosis — stretches from her waistline to the tops of her shoulders, and now Bryan is not ashamed to let it be seen as an encouragement to others. The artist is passionate about keeping honesty as a non-negotiable virtue in her life and her songwriting, and letting her struggles be known is simply part of that.

“I do think the reason I’m able to feel and be positive on a daily basis is just because — especially in my writing — I prioritize honesty,” Bryan says, pointing first to her single, “Own It.” The anthem is a counter-attack to self-doubt that came with a raw and interesting music video incorporating a slew of social media elements.

“I knew I wanted to incorporate social media and capture the fun feeling of the song in a way that my generation would understand,” Bryan tells People. “We’re all on our phones constantly, and social media is the way my friends and peers express themselves.”

Bailey Bryan's So Far Track List:

1. "Own It"
2. "Hard Drive Home"
3. "Scars"
4. "Life Goes On"
5. "Used To"

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