Bailey Bryan instantly becomes your BFF in "Own It," her debut single on Warner Music Nashville. The pop-country song embraces a positive message but does not come across as preachy or saccharine.

The 18-year-old Washington native shows she doesn't take herself too seriously during this smartly-penned, very relatable song. It's Taylor Swift-ian, something Byran embraces. "Own It" has a lyric even fans well beyond her target audience will "get." And they'll smile, shuffle their feet and if they're being honest, admit it's a pretty dang catchy song.

Few songs from a new artist have served to introduce that artist quite as well as "Own It" (perhaps Mo Pitney's "Country" is the only other recent example). It's not just that she sings about being helpless without GPS or "Shakespeare when I'm texting." It's the honesty that accompanies each line of the song.

At the end Bryan's chin-lifting anthem leaves you feeling lighter than it found you. Who doesn't want more of that on country radio?

Did You Know?: Bryan says she wrote "Own It" so she could hear all the things she needed to hear in the weeks and months following surgery to correct scoliosis.

Listen to Bailey Bryan, "Own It"

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Bailey Bryan, "Own It" Lyrics:

I'm right even when I'm wrong / I break things like hearts and iPhones / Patsy Cline when it's raining / In the car with my friends, I'm Jay Z / Can't dance but I won't stop / In my little black dress and hightops / Don't care but still get jealous / Without GPS, I'm helpless.

But I'm not gonna stress / I'm such a beautiful mess.

Who cares what they say / I never listen anyway / In my head, yeah I'm cool / Gonna keep making my own rules / So call me crazy / Dysfunctional, maybe / I don't care, I'll show it / 'Cause I own it / Own it, own it, ‘cause I own it / Own it, own it, oh, oh.

I'm ambitious but don't like work / I write love songs, can't flirt / Awkward in conversation / But I'm Shakespeare when I'm texting, ha / Sweatpants but I'm still a lady / Trip and fall in public, gracefully / Wild, but I'm nerdy / I party hard 'til at least 9:30.

Own your coolness / Own your crazy / Own your story in the making / Own your passion / Own your style / Own your stupid / Own your brave and / Own your wings and your mistakes / Own your style / Own your stupid / We're not gonna stress / We're all such a beautiful mess.

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