School has already started, or will be starting soon, for most kids across America. Like so many important events, country stars have a song for going back to school. In fact, there are many songs about school to dial up as you or your children un-shelve the backpack, alarm clock and jeans without holes in them. In your opinion, which country song is the best one to celebrate going back to school? 

Included in today's readers poll are five songs about school, although not necessarily about the very first day of class. Brad Paisley gets nostalgic in 'Letters to Me,' while George Strait tells a story of finding love in the classroom in 'Check Yes or No.' Toby Keith's story is for anyone who was picked on at school, and Taylor Swift paints a picture of the insecurities one faces upon entering high school. Finally, Kenny Chesney describes the importance of a back-to-school tradition -- duh, football season -- in 'Boys of Fall.'

If there is another back to school country song you think is better, tell us why in the comments section below. Be sure to check out our list of the Top 10 Songs About School for inspiration.