If there is a new country song you think deserves more attention, it's time to let 'em know. Rate 21 potential country music hits and help the Taste of Country tastemakers know what's hot and what's not.

The June 2023 list of new country songs includes follow-ups to big hits by Lainey Wilson, Jackson Dean and Nate Smith. Kimberly Perry and Brian Kelley also offer up solo singles years after being labelmates with their respective bands, the Band Perry and Florida Georgia Line.

A summer song from Jake Owen is included, as is a drinking song by Tigirlily Gold. Do you love these songs? Kinda like them? Race to erase them from the speakers because you think they're terrible?

It's a simple 1-5 scale, with the results coming next month. We'll just ask two quick questions to help us know who's taking this poll. Nothing personal, and nothing we can give away to spammers.

Thank you so much for helping us rate the music. If you loved this list, check out our most recent list of established country music hits below it.

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