A few of country's biggest stars do double duty, writing their own songs in addition to selling out venues across America for their vocal talents. It's not as common as you'd think, though -- especially in country music. Most artists may have one or two of his or her own cuts on a new album, but the majority will come from top songwriters in Nashville. Of the artists known for writing most of their music, who is the best singer-songwriter?

Included in today's readers poll are five artists who have had a strong hand in shaping almost every song they've ever cut. Hunter Hayes and Brantley Gilbert wrote or co-wrote each song on their most recent releases, while Eric Church penned all but one on 'Chief.' Taylor Swift and Brad Paisley have long included mostly their own ideas on albums. If there is another artist you think is more deserving of the title of the best singer-songwriter in country music, tell us about it in the comment section below.