Every year, Brad Paisley releases a song that seems penned with summer in mind. "Crushin' It" isn't about the beach, bonfires or getaways, but the singer captures an independence that's perfect for the season. Is it the Best Song of Summer 2015, however?

You'll need to decide. Sixteen songs are a part of this contest to name the year's best summer song. Paisley's jam from the Moonshine in the Trunk album will need to make it through four rounds to grab the title. Up first for the 2016 Country Jam Colorado headliner? Zac Brown Band.

Like "Crushin' It," "Homegrown" just sounds right for summer. It's a feel-good song about love and life and family. Zac Brown is pretty adept at constructing the perfect summer mood on stage or on an album, and this jam adds to a catalog that includes "Chicken Fried," "Toes" and "Knee Deep."

So which is better? Decide by voting now and often until this poll closes on July 21 at 11:59PM CT. The winner of this Best Song of Summer contest will move on to face either Florida Georgia Line or Corey Smith in the next round. The ultimate winner will be named on August 12, 2015. You can vote once every hour, and please don't try to cheat. We'll find out and then everyone will be really mad at you.

Songs of Summer East Round 1
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