The final Best Song of Summer 2015 pairing features a star known for his summertime hits and a relative country newcomer working his first summer jam up the Billboard charts. Jake Owen and Chris Janson square off in this battle. Fans will decide who wins, and ultimately, if one of these songs is good enough for the overall title.

"Real Life" and "Buy Me a Boat" close the Eastern Region, the fourth of four pairings today to go along with four matchups from Wednesday. Owen's new song — the first from an upcoming album — recalls summers of the past, especially those spent as a teenager with nowhere to be and nothing productive to do.

Janson's song finds the singer dreaming of a boat. It's a slightly reckless dream, but one that's perfect for summertime. After all, 'tis the season for doing things you might not otherwise do. "It could buy me a boat / It could buy me a truck to pull it / It could buy me a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets," Janson sings. Yeah, that sounds like summer.

Vote once every hour to help decide which song is the Best Song of Summer 2015. This round will end at 11:59PM CT on Tuesday July 21. The final winner will be named on August 12. Either Owen or Janson will move on to face Luke Bryan or Reba McEntire.

Songs of Summer East Round 1
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