There's hip hop, and then there's 'hick hop.' Country artist Big Smo is a master at the latter, and he will showcase his talents in his 'Kuntry Livin'' album, which will be available to fans come early summer.

The country rapper -- also known as Hick Ross and Boss of the Stix -- will release 'Kuntry Livin'' on June 3, 2014, the same week as the 2014 CMA Music Festival. Known for seamlessly combining rap and hip hop, Big Smo explains the reason behind his success in pioneering a path in this new type of country music.

”You can tell when something’s real,” he says. “You can tell when it’s true. And I think what’s made us successful and gotten us this far is that we’re just real people, down-home country folk who really love to make music, and people see that.”

In addition to a new album, Big Smo is also starring in an A&E Network reality series, with the current working title of 'Big Smo.' Shot in his home state of Tennessee, the series will give fans an exclusive look at the singer's enigmatic personality, follow his ascent in the music industry and feature his friends, fans, and family that have loyally stuck with him. Like the album, the show is expected to debut this summer.

Big Smo's pulse-pounding beats, passionate vocals, back-country lyrics and rocking guitars will all be displayed in his 13-track record.

Big Smo, 'KuntryLivin'' Track Listing:

1. 'Workin’'
2. 'Bumpy Road'
3. 'Hick Ross'
4. 'Anything Goes'
5. 'Cover My Eyes'
6. 'Down in the Backwoods'
7. 'Come On'
8. 'Redneck Rich'
9. 'Who I’ll Be'
10. 'Got Me'
11. 'Ain’t Nothin Free'
12. 'I’m So Kuntry'
13.' Lawdy Lawdy'

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