It's lazy river season, and country newcomer Hannah Anders has your jam. The Georgia native teamed up with Big Smo for a duet that captures the essence of do-nothing summer fun. Hear "Lazy River" first during this Taste of Country exclusive.

Big Smo adds a few hollers early and the second half of the second verse. His gruff hip-hop expressions are the polar opposite of Anders' more traditional country vocals, but opposites do attract, and the pair fit together just fine. The key to this song is the easy tempo and a thick summer groove that relies on a guitars echoing the melody.

"We ain't got nowhere to go / Traveling down that water road skipping stones / Watch those ripples flow / We ain't got nowhere to be / Soaking up that summer breeze / On the lazy river / With you right here next to me," Anders sings at the chorus.

The duet version of "Lazy River" officially drops on Friday (May 24). The song first appeared as a solo cut on Anders' Good Time album (2018). Earlier this year the Belmont University grad released a new song called "Like a Lady," a guitar-driven power ballad that showcases the strength of her vocals. You can find all of her most recent releases on streaming music platforms like Spotify.

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