Big Smo's new video for "Country Outlaw" takes no prisoners, literally. The primal, tribal country and hip-hop mixer finds the native Tennessean brandishing makeshift, medieval weapons and war paint.

The clip, premiering exclusively on Taste of Country, follows Smo and his warlocks as they prepare for battle. It gets real quick when the two sides clash on an unlit battlefield. In no time at all Big Smo’s tribe has won this clash with the men in black, and afterward they celebrate with a feast fit for a medieval king.

The song "Country Outlaw" comes from Big Smo's new Special Reserve album, set for release on Feb. 23. “In a world of make-believe country music and wanna-be rap, a true artist must make a statement that defines them as a person and a brand," he says. "‘Country Outlaw’ is the heritage of my sound and the visual of my movement. We simply showed up to win!”

In some ways, the new song is his anthem. It speaks of family values while encouraging one's inner rebel. Banjo, heavy drums and  thick electric guitars steer his vocals. There's something dangerous about the song, which of course is a large part of the appeal.

Special Reserve is Big Smo's eighth studio album, and first since We the People in July 2016. The singer has found success in both country and rap worlds and relies on a dedicated fanbase to keep his bus rolling from coast to coast yearly.

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