More troubles for Billy Currington. The singer, who had a rough week as the result of being charged with making terroristic threats and abusing an elderly person, has been dumped as the pre-race entertainment at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Currington was booked to perform as the pre-race act at the All-Star event scheduled to for May 18 in Charlotte, N.C.

Charlotte Motor Speedway President Marcus Smith did not conceal the fact that the high profile arrest was the reason that Currington is being replaced. Josh Turner, who has a much more squeaky clean image, to say the least, will perform in his stead.

So it's Billy Currington out and Josh Turner in.

In addition to being arrested, having to post nearly $28, 000 in bond money, facing one to five years in jail for the felony charges and the general embarrassment and rumors that stem from this situation, Currington is losing gigs because of it. His actions and the media coverage of the incident are certainly hitting the singer where it hurts -- his wallet.

The arrest relates to a messy incident between Currington and a boat captain, who may have passed too closely to the singer's property. It's a real "he said, he said" situation and you can read the details here. Essentially, the two engaged in a verbal and almost physical altercation.