The lyrics behind Billy Currington's latest hit on the rise, 'Like My Dog,' stemmed from two friends watching their dogs play. Watching their furry friends got the song's two writers -- Scotty Emerick and the late Harley Allen -- thinking about of what life would be like if women loved their men like they love their dogs.

"I had a brand new puppy," Emerick tells Taste of Country. "She was eight or nine weeks old at the time. Harley also had a dog. We wrote it at his house in his living room that morning. We didn't have anything to write about. We were just talking and watching his dog and my brand new puppy play. We started talking about dogs and how they just love you unconditionally. We started talking about women and dogs, and the difference and similarities between a man. We thought it would be funny to just use analogies in the song about how [his dog] doesn't give him a hard time about anything."

"He never tells me that he’s sick of this house / He never says, ‘Why don’t you get off that couch?’ / He don’t cost me nothing when he wants to go out / Want you to love me like my dog," they wrote in the song's lyrics.

"We wanted to make it funny and made it simple," says Emerick.

"Want you to love me like my dog does baby / When I come home I want you to just go crazy / He never looks at me like he might hate me / I want you to love me like my dog," they wrote in the chorus.

"This song is bittersweet," Emerick says of writing the song with Allen, who passed away this past March at the young age of 55. "We both loved the song. We both have always been  proud of it. We thought it was funny. We both played it out a lot at writer's nights, and would always get such a big response from it. We were close friends. It's a shame he's not here anymore. I'm happy about it, and I know he'd be thrilled. He always wanted the song to find a home, and Billy's perfect for it."