Billy Currington has entered into the Top 20 this week with his latest single, 'Love Done Gone,' off of his 'Enjoy Yourself' album. The tune is the third release from the album, and it was penned by hit songwriters Shawn Camp and Marv Green.

"The day we sat down to write this song, Mark came in with some of the lyrics in the verses, but he had no title," Camp tells Taste of Country. "So we started working on the song and what he had already."

"Don't worry, baby, sometimes things change / Nothin' we can do about it now, no way / This doesn't come easy, but that's just life / We can't keep pretendin' everything's all right / We told each other it was love before / The simple truth is it just ain't no more / The bells stop ringin', the music won't play / The crazy little feelin' that's faded away," they wrote in the lyrics of the song's opening verses.

"I was thinking of a situation my brother was in at the time," adds Green. "He was going through a breakup, and he was at the point in the relationship where he was fine with it coming to an end. They had their fun, but it was over."

"Like snowflakes when the weather warms up / Like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes / Like the dogwood blossoms in a late spring rain / All the disappearin' bubbles in a glass of champagne / Like a red kite lost in a blue sky wind / I don't know where the good times went / It ain't nothin' we ever said or ever did wrong / It's just love done gone," Currington sings in the song's first chorus.

"After we finished it," says Camp, "my song plugger at my publishing company got the song to Billy's people, and he immediately wanted to record it. It had been on hold for George Strait, so he had to wait until it came off hold to cut it, but it really worked out perfectly with Billy cutting it. He really nailed the song."

Watch Billy Currington Perform 'Love Done Gone'