During a recent radio interview, Billy Currington was posed with series of philosophical, end of life questions. Asked how he would spend his final 24 hours on earth if he found himself in such a scenario, he gave humorous and intriguing answers, revealing that when he goes, he wants to go out with a bang...

"I still wanna pound Shaina Twain," he said after a, uh, pregnant pause regarding one woman he's always wanted to hook up with. Obviously, Currington didn't hold back at all when chatting with Fitz in the Morning host Fitz.

The singer, who is an admitted beach bum, shared that if he had to die, he would probably like to die at the bottom of the ocean, most definitely a result of a shark attack. But would he be going to heaven or hell once he passed on? That depends.

"I am going to the most peaceful place, wherever that is. They say that's heaven, so I'm going there," the singer jokes. "I've been a good boy. Santa Claus said I did good. That's all that matters."

Currington's last meal would consist of peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some Capt'n Crunch cereal -- a comfort food meal if there ever was one. "If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it bad." And the one thing he thinks he'd be glad to never have to do again? "Never have to smell another corn dog at another festival," he spills.

Shania Twain and corn dogs -- both are on Currington's bucket list of stuff to "do" and not do. The singer may have already missed his best shot. In 2004, the labelmates cut 'Party for Two' for Twain's 'Greatest Hits' album and delivered a memorable performance at the 2004 CMA Awards.

Listen to Billy Currington Talk Last 24 Hours on Earth

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