Miranda Lambert recently said that she sometimes unfollows hubby Blake Shelton when he gets to be too much to handle on Twitter. Well, the hilarious and disturbing photo that Shelton just shared on Twitter, from what he claims is a 'The Voice' "photo shoot," should have Lambert hitting the unfollow button yet again!

Ever the jokester, Shelton tweeted an image of himself with fellow coach Adam Levine, with whom he has a heavily touted bromance. Only, it wasn't a candid shot of the two dudes drinking a beer or doing manly things. Instead, it is a sexy shot of Levine shirtless and in jeans, showing off his sleeve of tattoos and cradling the hot body of a woman, complete with side cleavage a mane of blonde hair, blowing in the wind.

But it isn't a woman's face in the picture -- it's Blake's! Sort of. Shelton superimposed his furry face onto the model's head and there you have it... A really bromantic picture of the two. In short, looks like Shelton is in drag.

While some Shelton fans might think he took it too far with this joke photo, others will be holding their guts and bowled over with hysterical laughter.

Shelton tweeted:  "Whew!!! So exhausted from our latest @NBCTheVoice photo shoot..."

A photo shoot? More like Photoshop.

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