Since 2010, Blake Shelton has spent six months of the year in L.A. filming and promoting NBC's hit reality singing show 'The Voice,' but he wants to make one thing very clear: he's not trading country for California. He's a country boy -- always has been, always will be. 

When he's in the Golden State, Shelton is in the work mindset, focusing on getting the job done on set. The glitzy city is not a super comfortable place for him, as Shelton tells Men's Journal, "I've driven in L.A. probably three times. I'm a slug in L.A. I literally leave the show, go to the house, and shut the gate. The only people's houses that I've been to in L.A. are ['Voice' star] Adam Levine's, ['Voice' star] Christina Aguilera's, ['Voice' executive producer] Mark Burnett's, and Michael Bublé's."

Although the 'Boys 'Round Here' singer now drinks cold-pressed green juice like many Californians (really, just to make bowel movement jokes), he doesn't eat the ever-popular sushi and doesn't do yoga. There's another thing he refuses to do, too: he won't buy a house. "That would mean I'd have to be a resident," he says. "And I can't bring myself to do that. There's something about owning a house here that makes it official. My buddy Cinco doesn't even call me Blake anymore," he adds ruefully. "He calls me 'Big City.' "

The country music superstar may have a tremendous amount of success, but he's a born-and-bred country guy, and that's the way it will always be. "I like California," he said. "But I'm dyed-in-the-wool Oklahoma. I see a deer in L.A., and everybody's standing around it taking pictures. Back home, that's the enemy!"

Home sweet home to the country crooner is at home on his ranch with his wife, Miranda Lambert. And maybe with a glass or two of green juice.

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