Did you propose to your fiancee at a Blake Shelton concert? Of course you didn’t, but a U.S. Marine at Bayou Country Superfest in New Orleans on Sunday (May 28) wasn’t going to let such an opportunity pass him by.

The man, referred to as Brandon in a YouTube fan video uploaded by NOLATAC, kept trying to get Shelton's attention while he was performing, until the country star finally gave him the spotlight.

“This guy right here has been holding up his phone to me every damn time I walk by, making me feel guilty and it worked,” Shelton says in the video. “I guess I’m getting soft at my old age. Here you go, man. You’re on the big screen. Let’s see what you got.”

Though the audio of the proposal isn't blared over the stadium speakers, the gesture appears to go off without a hitch. Shelton playfully demands to know if “she said yes” and shortly after announces, “Brandon and Ashley just got engaged. Congratulations.” Shelton continues his half-witted humor by transitioning into his next song, “Boys ’Round Here.”

"You know what I love about this most of all?" Shelton rhetorically asks. "It’s because this came right before this next song. You know what kind of guy comes to a country music concert and proposes to his fiancé?"

Right then, a stuttered "redneck" kicks off over the speakers to launch his No. 1 country smash, much to the crowd’s approval. Shelton closed out the three-day festival alongside Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion and more.

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