Blake Shelton stopped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on Wednesday (Sept. 3) to talk 'The Voice' and trucks, and to perform his latest single, 'Neon Light.' Together, the funny pair also play a game of random object football toss to commemorate the first day of NFL season.

Fallon and Shelton were quite the pair, of course, constantly laughing over their great comedic chemistry. At one point, Fallon even admitted he's a fan of the Oklahoma native. It wasn't long before they got down to business ... talking about trucks. As it turns out, Fallon is the proud new owner of a Ford F-150 King Ranch.

"My wife, Miranda, has that same truck and it's a diesel," Shelton reveals, overshadowing Fallon as the crowd erupts in laughter.

"Men and women can both enjoy the same truck," Fallon eventually says in response.

"If you're gonna drive a truck, you've gotta get some mud on it. You gotta have mud on the side. You gotta have dents in it, scratches, guts in the back. Corn and shovels," Shelton explains. "Just crap, ya know? Trucks are a tool, you don't drive around a city in it."

Of course, Fallon got his chance to make jabs back at the singer in talking about his forthcoming 'Bringing Back the Sunshine' album, out Sept. 30.

"Where's Blake Shelton's face? When fans of Blake Shelton buy a Blake Shelton record, they want to see a picture of Blake Shelton, not a water tower," Fallon asks, speaking of the album cover. "Are you in the water tower?"

"That's my hometown. That is Ada, Oklahoma," Shelton replies, defending the beautiful black and white album cover. "I drink out of that!"

During a hilarious game of random object football toss, the singer and the host threw objects -- like a mannequin head and an eight-layer bean dip -- through a cardboard cutout.

Watch Blake Shelton Talk Trucks and More on 'Fallon'