Blake Shelton dances with revenge during ‘Neon Light,’ the first single from the upcoming ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine’ album. Shelton’s heavy chill drives this bluesy country anthem forward. It’s about as mean as he’s ever been.

His teeth aren’t quite as sharp as wife Miranda Lambert’s when it comes to getting back at a lover who’s said goodbye. ‘Neon Light’ is about getting past her memory with a few drinks and one bad idea.

I take a shot of I don’t care what you’re doing now / Chase that one with a cold screw you / When that’s done I just might wash it down with a big pitcher of someone new / That blonde, blonde, blonde at the bar, bar, bar / See if she wants to try an unbreak my heart, heart, heart,” Shelton sings in the second verse. Anyone who has been there know that's an idea usually regretted the next day.

Fans will fall for the banjo and simple guitar solos. Shelton has his own unique tempo, and this song falls in with that metronome click. ‘Neon Light’ also represents a new direction for a man who has poured on honey-sweet love song after love song for five years. It’s fun to hear him angry.

There’s a neon light at the end of the tunnel / It ain’t all that bright, but even though it’s subtle / It’s got me feeling alright, gonna make it a double / There’s a neon light at the end of the tunnel,” he sings at the chorus.

The irony, of course, is that a bitter lyric like ‘Neon Light’ introduces an album called ‘Bringing Back the Sunshine.’ One wonders if the title was chosen tongue planted firmly in cheek? Early signs point to that being the case, but it’d be foolish not to think the crooner doesn’t have another ‘Honey Bee’ in his deck for later.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Neon Light' finds Shelton falling out of love, a place he hasn't been in quite some time. His pain is our gain.

Key Lyrics: “I got down on my knees and I pray, pray, pray / For a sign, sign, sign / Now there it is in the window, it’s about time, damn time” 

Did You Know?: With 'Neon Light,' Shelton attempts to extend his record streak of No. 1 hits on Nielsen BDS to 13.

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