Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be dating, but that won't make Shelton any less competitive this season of The Voice. In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Shelton says he won't be going soft anytime soon.

"No matter how kind I may be to Gwen when it's just her versus Adam, I'm still in this thing to win it," he says.

And what about that rumored Shelton and Stefani duet?

"Man, I read that we wrote a duet together. I tell you, I read all kinds of amazing stuff," he says.

While Shelton wouldn't confirm or deny the rumor, if the song does exist and the new couple debuts the song on an episode of The Voice,  it would arguably mark the most memorable season of the reality competition show.

After nine seasons of The Voice, Shelton admits that he still gets nervous at the beginning of a new season.

"The [first live] episode and the finale are the two most nerve-wracking episodes for me every season, because you find out what your team is really made of as far as this kind of pressure," he says. "This is life, it's raw, there's no editing. And if you're lucky enough to have someone in the finale, by then you're attached and you're so invested in that person, you really want them to win."

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