With country's two comedians preparing to co-host the 2013 ACM Awards, anything could happen. Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have said before that they have ideas about what to do during the show, and they've just revealed that there may be an element of...surprise during the show.

Shelton deadpanned to E!, ""I wouldn't be opposed to making out. Maybe a grab or something." His partner in crime joined in on the fun, saying, "It's more off-camera kissing for the sake of it," quipping that the lip lock "can last longer."

Clearly, the two singers are preparing to have a grand old time onstage, and, since it will be broadcast live, anything could happen. As the 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' hitmaker points out, "Well it's live, so we can do whatever we want. Didn't you see the Super Bowl a few years back with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake?"

Well, we know the ACMs won't be '10 times crazier' than the 2004 Super Bowl incident with Miranda Lambert on site to keep her husband in place! There's so much to look forward to for the ACMs, including Bryan's performance of his hit 'Crash My Party' and many other fan-favorite performers ready to rock the stage. You can watch the 2013 ACMs on April 7 at 8PM ET.