Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert brought their much-decorated ballad 'Over You,' which they penned together about the death of Shelton's brother, to 'The Voice' on Tuesday, performing the intimate and deeply personal song with a different purpose.

Sitting next to one another on a stage illuminated by foot lights, Shelton strummed his acoustic guitar, looking at his wife with pain all over his face while she belted out the lyrics. You could see the mix of emotion and admiration in his eyes as she delivered the words. Both looked to be welling up with tears, in light of the tragedy of their home state of Oklahoma, where a devastating tornado ripped through the region earlier this week.

The couple called attention to the situation in their state, as a text box was featured on the screen, calling for donations to aid the Red Cross in relief efforts for the victims.

"I think 'Over You' was the perfect song for this situation," Shelton said after the show. "The moment was right. I wish things could have been different. I wouldn't have thought about performing a song like that, but it seemed like the right thing to do."

He is working with NBC, the network which airs 'The Voice,' on a benefit concert. "Hopefully, it will be something big and will raise a lot of money, and obviously it will be televised," the singer and coach said. "It will happen really quickly and, hopefully, I can call in some really big favors."

Shelton has plenty of friends in country music and beyond, and he can certainly use his star power to help his fellow Oklahomans.