Blake Shelton took pizza lovers by surprise when he showed up at a California Pizza Hut to sell a few pies. The funny singer posed as a worker named Stephen, going undercover -- but can a six-foot-tall (and lots of change) celebrity ever really blend in?

"Come here, tell me what you want. I'm new here," Shelton tells a hungry patron who walks into the restaurant.

"This has to be something ... This is freaking me out," she says, looking for hidden cameras. Somehow, we don't think she's buying it.

Shelton gave it his all, even sporting a Pizza Hut uniform complete with a name tag. While she stammers in confusion, other pizza workers assure her that Stephen is their newest (very tall) employee.

"You're Blake Shelton!" the woman finally says, but the 'Ole Red' singer won't give up on his prank. "I truly am, I'm Stephen," he tells her with a smile.

The young woman asks Shelton if he helped make her Pizza Hut pizza, but he admits he's no chef: "I wouldn't do that to you." We concur -- it's probably best that he not try his hand at slinging dough.

While playing Stephen at the California store, Shelton tricks many people before posing for photos with them and giving out a few hugs with their hot pizza pies. The superstar is the new face of the restaurant, as revealed earlier this year.

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