It's no secret that Blake Shelton would like to put his music career before his gig coaching upcoming stars on 'The Voice.' Shelton has been vocal about his frustration with producers of the show for doing multiple back-to-back seasons, and now he's revealed that he almost walked off the set for good a few months ago.

If you paid attention to Shelton near the end of 2012, you know that the country crooner was crazy busy. Between filming his third season of 'The Voice' in just over a year, attending several awards shows and filming his first Christmas special, the 'Honey Bee' hitmaker just about lost his mind.

“Oh my God. It sucked,” Blake told Wetpaint. “ I don't care who wants me to say that or not. I mean, I was doing season three of The Voice, season four of The Voice, CMAs, and my Christmas special all within like three weeks of each other."

He reveals, "And there was one point where I called my manager, and was like, that's it. I quit. I just quit. Figure it out. I'm going home.”

That's a pretty strong reaction, but can you really blame him? Nobody needs to stack their plate that high. Luckily, Shelton seems to have a good manager who figured out how to get him the break he needed without shattering any important contracts.

“It's like you get to that point where you're like, well, okay,” Shelton continues, “We're all learning, figuring out how to balance being a maturing country artist, and then someone that's involved in television now ... I never planned on doing this. I don't know if I'll do it once 'The Voice' is over, but I'm having a ball doing it right now.”

Now, there's that agreeable country star we all know and love! Hopefully Shelton is able to slow down in 2013 and keep his schedule going at a reasonable pace.