A couple weeks ago we joined in on the fun, reporting about 'The Voice' coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine and their budding bromance. And while Shelton still playfully jokes that he'd like to make out with his Maroon 5-fronting co-judge, it seems Levine has just one request we need to take into consideration: He's not too keen on the whole "bromance" word. In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the two, who are good friends in real life, talked about their friendship, and Levine requested a ban on a certain b-word.

"Stop using the word 'bromance,'" he said in the interview. "Can we please kill that stupid term? We're just friends. It's called friendship!" OK, OK, we'll comply. In all seriousness though, the two seem to have a great, albeit rather unlikely, camaraderie, and they show it in their hilarious jabs back and forth during the show.

Thinking back on the interview that became fodder for the b---mance fire, Shelton seems to get a good laugh. But then again, given his sense of humor, Shelton seems to indulge in the lighter side of life.

"A few weeks ago somebody asked me, 'What about you and Adam's bromance? Is there anything to it?'" the 'Honey Bee' singer says. "And I sputtered off, 'Yeah, I'm going to make out with him.' The next thing you read is, 'Blake wants to kiss Adam.' Man, I can't believe how ..."

"True that is?" interrupts the 'Moves Like Jagger' hitmaker.

"How honest I was," says Shelton, laughing. "But it's fun. It's just like we're sitting around the bar, making jabs at each other." And that's exactly what these two do on the show as well. The pressure is on for both coaches as they're in the process of whittling down their teams, making the tough decisions to dismiss the performers they originally chose.

Tune in Mondays at 8PM ET on NBC to see Shelton and Levine (and their respective teams) in action.

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