Taylor Swift's upcoming album '1989' marks her first official venture into pop music, and fellow country star Blake Shelton has weighed in on her decision to move away from country music.

Swift has revealed that she won't be pushing the new album to country radio at all, and she has no plans to attend any country music awards shows this year, either. That decision has made quite a few waves in country circles, and since she is serving as one of the celebrity advisers on 'The Voice' this season, Shelton recently had the chance to ask her about it.

"I talked to Taylor, actually, about this on the set that day," Shelton tells CMT, "And she said, 'Man, I made the record. I listened to it, and why can't I just call it what it is, you know?'"

"I love that," he adds. "It's taking a stand for where she feels like she is right now musically."

Shelton doesn't agree with those who decry Swift's move to pop as a betrayal of her country roots.

"I never have understood the concept of being pigeon-holed or cornered into a situation, and nobody can take you seriously if you step out of that zone," he observes. "I mean, if anybody can do it, it's Taylor. And why the hell wouldn't she do it? It's incredible. I don't care what you call it."

Swift's fellow celebrity advisers this season include Little Big Town, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys and Gavin Rossdale. '1989' is slated for release on Oct. 27. The album's first single, 'Shake It Off,' was released in August.

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