It seems as though Blake Shelton has ignited another Twitter war! The country music funny man is under fire once again --  this time making an off-color joke about purposely killing a turtle.

Ever the jokester, the 'Over' singer took to his official account on Friday to ask his 1.7 million followers a not-so-serious question. "Does anyone know if the Eastern Box turtle is protected in Oklahoma? If so I didn't just swerve to the shoulder of the road to smash one..." Shelton tweeted.

As is the cast with many of his heavily facetious messages, the singer was soon met with both praise -- in the form of 630 retweets -- and backlash. NPR blogger Barbara J. King, for one, was not impressed by the underlying message Shelton was sending.

"That turtle's life meant something - was your tweet a bad jke? Why would you be so cruel to a living being?" King asked in response, acknowledging the lack of humor to some in Shelton's comment.

After a series of back-and-forth comments, the superstar came clean, admitting that he was actually in North Dakota on tour and that running over a turtle in his home state of Oklahoma was physically impossible. In true Shelton fashion, he replied with what many would call another ill-mannered comment.

"Do they even have turtles in North Dakota?!!! God almighty!!! What's wrong with people?! Get a life!! Get a job!! Get laid!! For once!!!" he said.

Though the singer made it clear that no turtles were harmed in the making of his tweet, he did issue somewhat of an apology for what was intended to be a joke. "Ok.. Now that "Turtle-Gate" is over I want to apologize for my ignorant joke.. I never ran over a turtle. It wasn't even possible," he said, owning up to his wrongdoing.

Shelton is currently on the road promoting his latest album, 'Red River Blue,' which features the singer's current Top 10 chart-climber, 'Over.' He is also gearing up for season three of 'The Voice', which starts this fall. He is not currently running over helpless animals in his spare time.

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