Brad Paisley wanted to really go out of this world to leak a new song from his forthcoming album. The 'River Bank' singer called on an actual astronaut to help him unveil a track right from the Kennedy Space Center!

Fans get to see the moments leading up to the release of the song, called ‘American Flag on the Moon,' from the star's new album. Paisley has been using his creativity to release his songs from the 'Moonshine in the Trunk' album one by one, not excluding this trip to the space center. He enlisted NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman to help him share the music, as Wiseman currently lives on the  International Space Station.

And it all started with a tweet:

Paisley messaged Wiseman telling him to give the new song a listen, and the astronaut quickly responded with a photo of Florida from the space station, adding, "we don't usually like leaks at the launch pad." In the background of the video is the historic launch pad 39A -- the spot where the first men who landed on the moon left from Earth. Naturally, it's only appropriate that the song leaked is titled ‘American Flag on the Moon.'

The song is all about believing in yourself, and in it, Paisley reminds his fans to reach for their dreams -- their big dreams. He sings that they should "believe in impossible things" because “I mean, after all, there’s an American flag on the moon.”

‘Moonshine in the Trunk’ is set to drop on Aug. 25. Fans who pre-order it on iTunes will receive four tracks for instant download.

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