Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have famously teamed up to host the CMA Awards in recent years, but their efforts on 'Remind Me,' the new single from Paisley's 'This Is Country Music' album, could have them pairing up to accept a few of those awards in November. The duet is Paisley's finest since his work with Dolly Parton in 2005.

Underwood's vocals are pristine, and Paisley does more than enough to keep up. Late in the song he flexes his muscle in a back and forth spar with Underwood, who plays the role of his wife in this song. Initially it's difficult to imagine the two friends getting steamy, but that's long forgotten by the time the two get to an assault of one-line lyrics meant to slap awake any lazy husbands and wives listening.

"If you still love me / Don't just assume I know," Paisley sings before later remembering, "You wake up in my old T-shirt / All those mornings I was late for work."

The chorus plays like a couple rediscovering lost romance over a glass of wine. The kitchen is clean, the kids are in bed. "Do you remember how it used to be / We turned out the lights and we didn't just sleep," Underwood asks before Paisley answers with "remind me / Remind me." Earlier in the song it's Paisley doing the talking; "Now we keep saying that we're OK / But I don't wanna settle for good not great / I miss the way that it felt back then / I wanna feel that way again."

Paisley is amongst the most efficient songwriters in the format, and 'Remind Me' shows his ability to pull emotions with very few words. Only newlyweds will remain blissfully naive to the scene he's painted, yet somehow this story has never been told before. Or perhaps it's just never been told by such gifted storytellers.

Listen to Brad Paisley Feat. Carrie Underwood, 'Remind Me'